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Nelmar Construction, Inc.

Nelmar Construction, Inc. is a California based general contractor specializing in construction, development and renovation of occupied multi-family complexes, single family home communities, and commercial properties.


"Nelmar is always on time and on budget. I recommend Nelmar to everyone. Nelmar has great customer service."

 - Tom Cross of Star Crossed Inc.

"Nelmar is part of our short list of contractors we work with. We have worked with Nelmar since 1991. Nelmar successfully completed many major multifamily and commercial projects for us. Nelmar possesses unusual skills and can work with tight budgets and tight timelines."

 - Jerry Lewis of Big Architecture

"I like that everything is transparent with Nelmar. They have had their staff for a long time, so I don't worry. Nelmar's staff is highly skilled."

 - Charlie Learned of the West Sacramento Housing Development

LEED-Certified for Environmental Impact

Increasingly, consumers and corporations are looking for ways to improve the environmental impact of their facilities.

Energy and water efficiency, reducing emissions, improving Indoor environmental quality, and minimizing environmental impact are becoming more and more important in our industry.

For all projects with environmental objectives, Nelmar Construction's President, Henry V. Bartels, personally steps-in to facilitate the environmental aspects of the project. Henry is a LEED Accredited Professional with certification through the US Green Building Council.

As energy costs increase and government incentives make green practices more attractive than ever, Nelmar Construction can guide you through an environmental approach that meets LEED guidelines.

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